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Youth Orchestra and Competition Information

Kiwanis Music Festival

Peel Music Festival

The Rose Bud Orchestra (This requires intermediate/advanced playing.)

Violin Trio
  • 20 years' teaching experience. 

  • B. Mus and Suzuki teacher training.

  • Experience with ages 4 to adult, and a variety of learning styles

  • Great ability to connect with students and spark interest in music and learning.

  • Flexible teaching style to fit a variety of learning styles.

  • Highly trained both in performing and teaching



Lessons take place once per week and are one on one. Students can choose to play for fun, or prepare for RCM exams, participate in music festivals, or audition for a youth orchestra (violin only)

Students need to practice at home a minimum of 4 days per week for at least 15 minutes in order to see progress. Without this practice time, coordination never develops, progress stalls and the student becomes bored and frustrated.

For those interested in exams, Kiwanis, or a youth orchestra, it is important to note that it usually takes at least a year to get through any grade level and that is assuming the student is practicing adequately, which often takes more than the minimum listed above. As students progress, more practice time is needed to see the same rate of progress.

It is also important to note that for RCM there are 2 prep levels for piano and 1 for violin before entering level 1. Each prep level takes a minimum of 6 months to a year to complete. Generally speaking, if it is taking less time than this, that is an indication that some key technical elements are missing and remedial work will be needed in the higher levels.


"Caitlin is both a gifted teacher and a gifted performer who connects with each of her students. Both my son, Grant and I were very sorry to “lose her” when she relocated to Toronto."

 Karen McKenna-Meger (Mother of a student)

"Caitlin always made new music fun to learn.  She taught me techniques that really improved my playing.  Caitlin encouraged me to take risks and she always had confidence in my abilities.
Caitlin is a great teacher and I still miss her!"

Grant Meger 


"Caitlin is always helping you to try your best and improve as much as you can. I loved to have her as a music teacher because she made lessons as fun as possible. She has definitely helped
and encouraged my love for music. "

Amanda Martin

“Amanda has grown quite attached to you since starting lessons – thank you for being such a great role
model and an inspiration to her music learning. "

Brenda Martin  (mother of a  student)

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