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(Payment is due for each month at the last lesson of the PREVIOUS  month for all lessons that will be in the month. For example, October payment is due at the last lesson in September

Number of lessons per month varies depending on school breaks, etc.)

Half hour-$27

45 min.-$40.50


(All prices are based on once-weekly lessons. Individually scheduled lessons are an option for students over 16. See below for information and prices.)

Students may have a free trial lesson/assessment before committing to lessons so all parties can see if it is a good fit. 

Once enrolled lessons take place once per week during the school year.  There are no lessons during school breaks. Summer lessons are flexible and students may choose to have as many or as few as they like.

**Adult students: if work/family obligations don't allow for the commitment of attending lessons every week, you may choose to schedule on a "per lesson" basis. In this case, you don't have a set lesson time but will schedule each lesson separately when you know you are available. This option is not offered for those under 16  as younger students need the structure that a weekly lesson provides in order to make progress.


The rate for these lessons is $30 dollars per half hour, due to the fact that they are harder to teach as I never reach a rutine with the student, and the fact that there is more admin work in individually scheduled lessons.


Studio Policies/COVID policies

Attendance: Students are expected to be at their lessons every week unless ill or injured. If a conflict arises lessons may be rescheduled with 24 hours' notice to another day of the week or a designated make-up day (usually the first Saturday of each month). If cancellation is due to illness the requirement for 24 hours' notice does not apply and, once per 60 day period students may choose to have an illness-related absence be credited into the following month rather than make up the time. 

In-person Lessons: Currently, I plan to offer in-person lessons for the duration of the school year.  Masks will be required, and distance will be maintained when possible, though younger beginners sometimes require hands-on help. HOWEVER, there are instances where lessons will be moved online, including, but not limited to Covid symptoms, inclement weather, car trouble, and illness of a family member. See below for details.

*If you do not wish to have an online lesson you may reschedule to either a designated “make-up day” which is usually the first Saturday of each month, or you may come twice the following week if there is an open spot. Please be aware that opting out of online lessons does not reduce your monthly tuition, and though you will always be welcome to make up the time if you can find a suitable spot, it may make it difficult to find adequate make-up opportunities. Students are encouraged to save make-up lessons for times when the student themselves is too sick or injured to attend lessons at all.

             COVID SYMPTOMS: If either student or teacher has any symptoms, lessons will be moved online. If you do not wish to have an online lesson, then you may choose to make up the time on designated “make-up days” usually the second Saturday of each month. If you choose not to make up the lesson or have an online lesson, then you will forfeit the lesson payment. Please understand that I am responsible for ensuring the safety of all my students and their families, not just myself, and everyone needs to be able to trust that this is a safe and healthy environment.


 Inclement weather: If schools are closed, or if you do not feel comfortable driving, lessons will move online. Once again, you are welcome to reschedule to a “make-up day”, another day in the same week, or come twice the following week if you prefer, but please note that opting out of an online lesson or a make-up lesson will not change the tuition payment.


 Transportation Issues: In the event that making it to your in-person lesson is not possible due to family member illness, car trouble, etc. the lesson will move online.



Withdrawing mid-year:

1 month’s notice is required to withdraw from lessons in the middle of the academic year so that I have time to fill your lesson time.


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