Violin Pegs

Fees based on a once-weekly lesson

Half-hour lesson $27.00

45-Min. lesson---$40.50

Hour lesson------$54.00

All payment is due at the beginning of each month for all lessons that will take place in that month.

Students above level 3 who are preparing for an exam must have, at minimum, 45-minute lessons

Reschheduling and cancelations.

Lessons take place once per week at the same time. 24 hours' notice is required to cancel OR reschedule. Without that, the regular lesson fee will be charged whether you attend at the scheduled time or not. (On a VERY occasional basis exceptions may be made in the case of illness/accident. If this occurs, please message me with the nature of your emergency and we will see if we can work something out.) ­

There are 2 weeks set aside for make-up lessons at the end of the school year. Any other missed lessons may be made up by attending on a different day, or on occasional Saturday "make-up days" throughout the year. Dates DBD.

Students are expected to primarily attend at the same time every week and reserve rescheduling for occasional conflicts.

**cancellation means you will not be attending a lesson that week

***Reschedule means you need to change the day/time of your lesson but will still attend the lesson.


Attendance/practicing: Students are expected to be at their lessons every week and to practice at home. Students who begin to miss lessons or practice inadequately see their progress stall and become bored and frustrated.  Students who miss lessons and/or show up unprepared regularly may have their lessons terminated as it becomes a painful experience for everyone involved otherwise.


Teacher Cancelled Lessons

There are 2 weeks set aside at the end of the school year to cover any illness or injury-related cancelations by the teacher


Inclement Weather

If schools are closed due to bad weather, and/or you feel unsafe driving lessons will take place using an online platform.



Payment is due by cash, cheque, or email transfer, at the beginning of each month for all lessons in the month.