COVID policies/Studio Policies

In-person Lessons: Currently, I plan to offer in-person lessons for the duration of the school year.  Masks will be required, and distance will be maintained when possible, though younger beginners sometimes require hands-on help. HOWEVER, there are instances where lessons will be moved online, including, but not limited to Covid symptoms, inclement weather, car trouble, and illness of a family member. See below for details.

*If you do not wish to have an online lesson you may reschedule to either a designated “make-up day” which is usually the second Saturday of each month, or you may come twice the following week if there is an open spot. Please be aware that opting out of online lessons does not reduce your monthly tuition, and though you will always be welcome to make up the time if you can find a suitable spot, it may make it difficult to find adequate make-up opportunities. Students are encouraged to save make-up lessons for times when the student themselves is too sick or injured to attend lessons at all.

             COVID SYMPTOMS: If either student or teacher has any symptoms, lessons will be moved online. If you do not wish to have an online lesson, then you may choose to make up the time on designated “make-up days” usually the second Saturday of each month. If you choose not to make up the lesson or have an online lesson, then you will forfeit the lesson payment. Please understand that I am responsible for ensuring the safety of all my students and their families, not just myself, and everyone needs to be able to trust that this is a safe and healthy environment.


            Inclement weather: If schools are closed, or if you do not feel comfortable driving, lessons will move online. Once again, you are welcome to reschedule a  to a “make-up day”, another day in the same week, or come twice the following week if you prefer, but please note that opting out of an online lesson or a make-up lesson will not change the tuition payment.


            Transportation Issues: In the event that making it to your in-person lesson is not possible due to family member illness, car trouble, etc. the lesson will move online.





Withdrawing mid-year:

1 month’s notice is required to withdraw from lessons in the middle of the academic year so that I have time to fill your lesson time. If you withdraw mid-year, I will calculate the final amount owing based on the number of lesson days that have passed. Depending on where in the tuition cycle we are this means you may owe an additional amount, or receive a refund




Potential 4th Wave and Changing Guidelines: I am currently planning to offer in-person lessons for the duration of the school year, HOWEVER, this depends on case numbers and public health guidelines. There is a chance, however small, that I will have to move completely online again. In the event that this does happen, students will be given the choice of whether to continue with online lessons or withdraw from lessons. In this case, the one-month notice does not apply.  If you choose to withdraw, then your total number of lessons will be calculated and you will either pay any outstanding fees or receive a refund.

Lessons will take place the weeks of:


13, 20, 27



4, 18, 25 (no lesson the week of the 11th)



1, 8, 15, 22, 29



6, 13



10, 17, 24, 31



7, 14, 21, 28



7th, 21, 28 (Week of the 14th is march break.)



4, 11, 18, 25



2, 9, 16, 23 ,30





Make up lessons the weeks of  June 6th,13, 20,